How Quit Your Job with Dignity

March 12, 2018

Not to brag, but I’m a really good at quitting.

There will come a time when you realize that what you are doing isn’t something the sparks passion or excitement, and it’s time to move on. Or, maybe you are experiencing some “power harassment” from a supervisor and enough is enough.

If that happens, let me give you some quick tips on how to quit your job without burning bridges or the office (a la Office Space).

Quit Your Job When You Already Have A Job

No bullshit; it’s easier to quit a job when you already have another lined up. You’ll find a job sooner than you expected if you’ve dedicated time to your resume and interview skills. Accumulate sick and vacations days for interviews. You can even use your lunch breaks; however, make sure that you always look like your interview ready or you’ll tip off your supervisors that you’re peeping for a new job. Moreover, you may want to give the interview more than a hour so if you have an office environment where they monitor your breaks, definitely use sick or vacation time.

About that Two-Weeks Notice

Even if you are interviewing for another job, you’ll need to have a rough idea of when you can start the new job with the appropriate two-weeks notice. You may need to give a longer notice if you’re completing a special project or event. Your new job will understand and your previous employer will be appreciative. The only time you should consider a shorter notice is if it’s under dire circumstance. If so, get the f*ck outta there!

Meet with the #Boss

If your supervisor is MIA, send an email that you’d like to meet with them. Once the date is set, have your resignation letter ready as well as a practiced speech. If your supervisor is around, ask if “now” is an appropriate time to speak with them just be sure to have that resignation letter ready.

A Sample Sayonara Letter

February 29, 2020

Dear Whomever,

I am writing to inform you that I will be resigning from my position as (insert position). My last day at (insert place) will be (insert date; example: Friday, March 27, 2020).

I would like to thank you for having me as part of your team. I am proud to have worked for (insert place), and truly appreciate the time and patience everyone has shown in training me. I’ve learned a lot and the skills learned here will serve me in my future career.

Please acknowledge this letter as my official notice. I will do my best to ensure a smooth transition. I am fortunate to have been a part of (insert inside office joke about team), and wish you continued success.


Your Name

Sample Speech

Although I am grateful for the opportunities and growth that (insert place) has provided me, I have been offered a position at (insert place). Therefore, my last day with you will be the (insert dates).

Don’t be surprised if you received forced smiles and questions about your new position. You’re a traitor now, but remain polite and willing to provide a smooth transition.

Tremendo Awkwardness

After all the formalities, you may noticed some general awkwardness. You’ll be in the outs for new projects, emails, meetings, etc. Don’t take it personal and keep it moving. Be sure that you’ve saved your work and any personal documents you need. You may also need to train your replacement so be thorough, because you don’t want them contacting you when you’re gone.

You may or may not receive a farewell party. If not, bring your own “thank you” dessert to the office to make them feel bad for not throwing you a farewell party. If so, bring a dessert anyway β€” always be the bigger person. Individual thank-you cards are also thoughtful and appreciated.

Please don’t…

  1. Don’t just stop showing up to work
  2. Don’t burn the down the office
  3. Don’t erase the share drive
  4. Don’t steal office supplies
  5. Don’t wash your hands of any remaining work
  6. Don’t buy a cookie cake that says #Dueces for the office
  7. Don’t give a two-weeks notice and use two-weeks of sick time (unless your petty)
  8. Don’t give an exit interview to your supervisor

Β I hope my tips for helpful for anyone who is ready to move on.

Until next time, happy quitting!

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