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    Mental Health & Mimosas: A Personal Story

    According to a quote I found (a.k.a. searched for) on Pinterest, You can’t pour from an empty glass. Take care of yourself first. What are pouring? Mimosas? Mental health is an umbrella term that covers…

    March 27, 2018
  • Money Talk

    Eight Months of Less: March Update

    What’s up my fellow money savers! In case you didn’t read this post, I’ve decided to do an eight-month shopping ban in order to save money and pay off debt. If you still need a New Year’s Resolution…

    March 19, 2018
  • Personal

    The Road to Accutane

    I first heard of Accutane on MTV’s True Life: I Have Acne with its association of curing severe cystic acne. Basically, it’s one hell of a drug that can allegedly cause psychological side effects and…

    February 5, 2018