What You’ll Love and Hate about Pokémon GO

July 20, 2016

How can I not be biased about Pokémon GO? I’ve been waiting for this since I was 11! I woke up early to watch the episodes and recite the Pokémon Rap. I collected the cards, cried during the 1st Pokémon Movie, played the game until the fourth generation, and named particular body parts after Pokémon. I finally get the chance to be a Pokémon trainer and catch Pokémon in an augmented reality? What?! Enough fangirling. Let’s get down to the review:

The Good

Creating a Character


It’s not as advanced as creating a Sim, but they’ve included dark skin tones and a variety of hair colors. Points for inclusion! Although, I’m sure someone out there is offended by something.


The loading screen asks you to be aware of your surrounds. I am that person that walks aimlessly through parking lots. I like the reminder because people like me need it.

So Kawaii

The character and animation are true to their original design and have a very Roger Rabbit feeling to them when they are in AR. However, turning off AR mode is better for catching them.

Gotta Catch ‘Em All


The day I lost my sh*t

Pokémon that would be difficult to find and capture in the hand-held games are fairly available in Pokémon Go. For example, you’ll usually receive one Eevee in the hand-held games, but Eevees are found in the masses in Pokémon Go. Capturing a billion Pidgeys also serves the purpose of evolving them into Pidgetto or Pidgeot as well as gaining XP. On a side note, has anyone seen a Ditto yet?


This has to be a phenomenon. People are bonding over Pokémon GO. Families are talking, kids are outside catching Pokemon, and strangers are happily discussing nearby Pokémon. This past weekend, my local zoo had a BOGO offer on admission for Pokémon trainers over level 5!  Talk about PokéPerks!

The Bad

Where the Pokémon At?

Not sure if it’s server issues, but there are moments where not a single Pokémon appears. This can get  fairly annoying when you’re outside in the hot, Miami sun.

The Ugly

Server Issues


The worst part about this game is the server issues. El novio calls these moments “Pokemon GO F*ck Yourself.” Also, Pokémon GO has also been criticized for causing pedestrian and traffic accidents as well as some trespassing incidents. There also isn’t much information about the game play within the game itself. You’ll need to search online why some catches are “Nice” or why some Pokémon are larger/heavier/smaller/lighters than others.


Unlike the hand-held game, you can’t run into other trainers in order to fight and level up your Pokémon. This can only be done at a Pokémon Gym and against the team that has captured the gym.

How the?

I seriously wonder how the hell people have all these rare and high-leveled Pokémon after the first day it was released. Did you just find a Dragonite? A geeks dedication is serious, I guess.

I’ll Trade You

Unfortunately, you can’t trade in the game. You can only transfer your Pokémon to Professor Willow for PokéCandy.

Magikarp used Splash

It takes 400 Magikarp Candies to evolve him into a Gyarados! Ugh! I have about 7. Only 93 more to go.

My Bill Will Be Over $9,000

Use all of my data. I will have no regrets…until I see the bill.

Pokémon GO gets 4.5/5 Bunnies!

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