My Patience was Tested, and I Failed

June 10, 2017

Too often I find myself shaking my head in amazement at the rudeness and inconsideration of others. In these situations I default to my true Miami Girl self and wonder, “What do they think of life?” Or, in Spanish  “¿Que quiren de la vida?”

For example: I frequent the community gym everyday at the ungodly hours of the morning (6:30am -7:30am; very ungodly). I run into the usual morning gym rats but I particularly notice “that couple.” There are a few couples that visit the gym at this hour, but this couple treats the community gym like their own private gym. The girlfriend bounces around completing HIIT workouts using various equipment and machines, while the boyfriend has such an affinity towards the Smith Machine that you should never expect to use it.

On this particular day, the girlfriend laid her yoga mat in front of the mirror blocking the rack of medicine balls. What bothered me is that she turned her yoga mat so that it also blocked both arms to the cable training machine. Basically, she created her own workout corner with a complete disregard of others. This isn’t the first time I’ve been inconvenienced by the couple, but it would be the last.

Now would be a good time to admit that I respond to pettiness with pettiness.

When it came time for me to use the machine, I didn’t huddle in a corner to give her personal space. I stood awkwardly close and began my workout. She must have given her boyfriend a look because he came to use the other cable trainer. I assume he expected me to move over but I stayed unwavering. Begrudgingly, she moved her mat and her boyfriend departed, once more, for the Smith Machine.

When I experience acts of inconsideration I become homesick for Japan. Why can’t kindness and consideration be our default instead of this dog-eat-dog mentality? I don’t have the answers, but I try to be as considerate as possible without being a pushover.


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