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Eight Months of Less: February Update

February 19, 2018

What’s up my fellow money savers! In case you didn’t read my last post, I’ve decided to do a eight-month shopping ban in order to save money and pay off debt.

Below, I have my essentials, non-essentials, and approved shopping list:

List of Essentials:

  • Toiletries (replenish only)
  • Cosmetics (replenish only)
  • Groceries
  • Gas
  • Date Jar contribution (I chip in for dates too)
  • Gifts
  • Pet-related items including grooming

List of Non-Essentials

  • Clothes
  • Shoes
  • Cosmetics (for the hell of it)
  • Geekery
  • Comemierderia

Approved shopping list

  • Dress for my cousin’s wedding
  • Bridesmaid dress of my best friend Amy’s wedding
  • Bedding
  • Desk chair
  • Work supplies (temporarily)

You’ll notice that I have a few things scratched off my shopping list including a dress of my cousin’s wedding. Thankfully, one of my cousins donated a beautiful dress that fits me like a glove (a.k.a. I can’t eat that day, but “woot” for saving money).

I’m fairly confident that I will complete this challenge, but it hasn’t been easy. My “God is testing me” moment came when I picked up a pre-shopping ban order from Box Lunch. As I walked through the parking lot and to the store, I thought, “What if they have that Sailor Moon shirt that I really want?” Box Lunch released Sailor Moon apparel that I was seriously coveting, and there was a specific shirt that I wanted.

I walked through the store and to the Sailor Moon section. There was the shirt I wanted! I picked up the only available shirt, praying it was an extra large, but it was a small – my damn size. I panicked and check the price. Then, I repeated told myself that $45 was too expensive for a shirt, even if it was a Sailor Moon shirt. I put the shirt down, approached the register, picked up my order, and practically ran out of the mall.

It took a lot of effort to leave the shirt, but I have not regretted it. Once I have my finances in order, I can place one piece of geekery on my list, but I want to achieve my financial goals first. Speaking of goals, I am happy to report that I’ve paid off a credit card! I officially only have one more credit card until I tackle my student loans.

I am also making an attempt to live a minimalist life. I am, once again, going through my belongings and chucking them into the donation bin. My goal is to reduce my belonging by 50% at the end of this shopping ban. I’ll continue to post updates on my shopping ban and hopefully include more details on my spending.

Until next time! 🐰💭


Photo by Yaroslav Blokhin on Unsplash

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