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Eight Months of Less: May Update

June 7, 2018

We’ve made it to June, but I barely made it through May thanks to Mother’s Day and friends’ birthdays. Yo’ gurl was broke for most of the month, but at least I know to budget better for Christmas.

Let me tell you: when you’ve set goals, the cosmos will throw anything your way in order to derail you β€”Murphy’s law! In early May, my cat, Tiger, sprouted ringworms after a grooming session at his veterinarian. After four days of strong emails and phone exchanges, we reached a compromised on what would have been another expensive bill. Thanks to the shopping ban, I won’t let someone nickel and dime me, especially for something I wasn’t liable for.

What I do enjoy about this ban is that I purchase with intention. In the past, I would buy myself a gift at Ulta Beauty or Sephora when I was actually shopping for a friend’s birthday gift. I couldn’t walk out of the store without a new lipstick, nail polish, highlighter, or other beauty product. It would f*k up my budget all the time. Now, my pets f*k up my budget β€” they are worth it though.

We have a few months until my eight-month goal! Woot! Until then,Β I have my essentials, non-essentials, and approved shopping list below. You’ll notice that a few things were removed from the approved shopping list because the events have already passed or items have already been purchased.

An added bonus is that the feature photo is ofΒ me in a gifted dress from my cousin Vanessa’s dress for my cousin Amanda’s wedding! Saving never looked for fabulous, no?

List of Essentials:

  • Toiletries (replenish only)
  • Cosmetics (replenish only)
  • Groceries
  • Gas
  • Date & Vacation Jar contribution
  • Gifts
  • Pet-related items including grooming and Tiger’s billion-dollar cat food

List of Non-Essentials

  • Clothes
  • Shoes
  • Cosmetics (for the hell of it)
  • Geekery
  • Comemierderia

Approved shopping list

  • Desk chair

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