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Captain America: Civil War or Avengers 3?

May 11, 2016
Spoilers, obviously

As a chic geek, I sometimes read articles and opinions from fellow geeks concerning superhero teasers and trailers while waiting, in anticipation, for the upcoming blockbuster movie. I withhold judgement (unless it’s Jesse Eilenberg — hate that guy) and comparison to the comics until I see the final product. I previously reviewed Batman v. Superman: Dawn of Justice, now it’s time to discuss the recently released Captain America: Civil War!

The Good:

The film’s plot is a modern twist to the “Captain America: Civil War” comic. In the comics, the U.S. government requires the superheroes to submit to a registry, the Superhuman Registration Act, which causes a divide between Captain America, who is against the registry, and Iron Man, who is for the registry. The trailer suggested a similar plot but included friction caused by Captain America’s longtime friend and freak, the Winter Solider. The trailer also suggested that an antagonist would arise between the avenging friends — Team Captain or Team Iron Man. However, although I was Team Iron Man (but Team Captain America’s Body), I empathized with both characters.

In the film, the Superhuman Registration Act charged to the Sokovia Accords, an agreement between the Avengers and the United Nations that was sparked by a mission that left 11 dead at the hands of Scarlet Witch. The Accords state that the Avengers must act as an extension of the United Nation and can no longer perform acts of heroism on their own accord. This sounds very limiting but after a moving scene where Tony Stark is approached by a woman who lost her son in Sokovia as well as shocking footage that shows the harm of innocent bystanders, you begin to understand Tony Stark’s support for new legislation. However, I also empathized with Captain America when an underwater prison, the Raft, is revealed and used on captured Avengers.

Chill! I’m not going to spoil the big reveals 

I liked that the other characters in the film received ample screen time. I enjoyed Vision’s awkward moments and loved Black Widow’s fighting scenes – you go girl! Spider-Man and Black Panther are introduced without a backstory but it somehow worked, and no one missed Thor or the Hulk.

Bonus: Scarlet Witch loses her terrible accent from the The Avengers: Age of Ultron and Marvel has included three black superheroes in this film (Black Panther, Falcon and War Machine)!

The Bad:

Why did Helmut Zemo draw Captain America, the Winter Solider and Iron Man to… wherever that place was… for the big reveal? Couldn’t he have done that at another place?

The Ugly:

Although the film had three lead female characters (Scarlet Witch, Black Widow and Agent 13/Sharon Carter), the women never spoke to one another.

You’ll need to watch a slew of Marvel movies in order to understand Captain America: Civil War, and there are also no bare-chest moments from the male characters.

I give this film 🐰🐰🐰🐰🐰/5

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