BroTips: Valentine’s Day

January 12, 2016


Valentine’s Day, also known as “Single’s Awareness Day,” is just around the corner and while you may think you can just fudge your way through this important holiday, I’m have some important BroTips on how to master el dia de amor:

#1 Dump Her Before Valentine’s Day

If you don’t want to waste you time, energy, and, most importantly, money on someone you have less than lukewarm feelings about, dump them. As a woman, I would rather be alone on Valentine’s Day than be with someone who didn’t give a second thought about me or V-Day.

#2 Plan Ahead

If you’re planning a dinner date, make reservations now! Seriously. Stop reading this, and call your favorite restaurant. The closer you get the V-Day, the harder it is to get reservations. If you’re planning a fun activity or a Netflix & Chill night, make sure you have a plan B (and The Pill). Plans love to go disarray on important holidays.

#3 This isn’t Christmas! 

Many may disagree with me, but Valentine’s Day should not be put on the same pedestal as Birthdays, Christmas, or Hanukkah. Gift should be simple, but here is an easy way for you to think about it: gifts should be be equal to the amount of time you’ve been dating. If this is a new relationship and you’ve dated for less than 4 months, flowers, chocolates, a stuffed animal and dinner are perfectly acceptable. As the relationship gets more serious, so should the present. For example, if she has a Pandora bracelet, maybe a charm (note, 1 charm). You know you’re girlfriend best, but remember to keep it simple. For my Bros who are in serious, long-term relationships, start thinking about rings. Sure, it’s cheesy to propose on Valentine’s Day, but ladies lova da cheese.

#4 Make a Scene

If Valentine’s Day falls on a workday, consider sending her flowers or an Edible Arrangement to her place of work. Remember, “to some people, love doesn’t exist unless you acknowledge it in front of other people.” – George Lopez in Valentine’s Day

#5 No Sex Coupons

Who invented these? Unless it’s a coupon for a massage every night, trash the idea of giving these as a gift.

#6 Manscape

It’s a romantic day, boys! Get your facial and down-there hair on fleek!

#7 Enjoy!

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