A Tiger’s Tale

October 5, 2016

The other day, I told my coworker a story that broke his heart:

On a random weekend in high school, I was on date at Jungle Island with my (then) boyfriend. As their final animal show closed, the host announced that the audience could feed and take a photo with a baby tiger. The cost: $50; my excitement: unimaginable. I love cats! I love tigers even more! I love cats and tigers so much that I even named one of my cats ‘Tiger.’ In that moment, I wanted nothing more than to hug a baby tiger and have photo evidence. I had enough cash on me, but when I sashed by way to the stage, my (then) boyfriend berated me for even thinking about spending money on something so stupid. I was embarrassed by his verbal assault in a public place, and I left without hugging a baby tiger.

Fast forward to many years later:

I’m in Thailand, the land of Tigers. My one purpose for visiting: hug a baby tiger. My chances: bleak. I was in the middle of my version of National Lampoon: Vacation From Hell. Reason: I found out that my (different then) boyfriend cheated on me. According to the cosmos,  Thailand was suppose to be my saving grace. The one thing I wanted was supposed to happen even if it was damn-near impossible. That’s the way the cosmos works, right? Due to drama that occurred prior to this trip, I was unable to coordinate the logistics for the Tiger Temple or the baby tiger meet-and-greet. Instead, I booked a tour when I arrived at the hotel hoping they would take me to visit the temple early enough to reserve a spot for baby tiger fun. The tour was wonderful, but we arrived at the Tiger Temple relatively late at 4pm. I rushed to the entrance and inquired about the baby tigers — the baby tiger feed and play was done for the day.

I kept it together and pet a lot of adult tigers, but I was a bit disappointed.

Tiger Attack

The adult tigers are pretty scary

I told that story to my coworker two reasons: I’ll keep one reason to myself, but the second reason was to highlight that in order to get what you want, you have to get it yourself. You may find someone that will move heaven and earth to make you happy, but it’s ultimately your responsibility. One day, I’ll hug a baby tiger and when I do, I’ll let you know how amazing it was.

Until next time! 🐰💭

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