2017 Revelations and 2018 Resolutions

January 9, 2018

We are ten days deep into 2018, and I have yet to share my New Years Resolutions! Que desgracia! I’m a total goal digger, but I couldn’t post my resolutions without reflecting on the previous year and not-so-seriously contemplating all I want to achieve this year. Without further ado, here are my revelations and resolutions:

2017 Revelations

  1. Coconut water is great for passing kidney stones. I know; I got them for Christmas!
  2. Despite never winning a damn thing ever, I won two free airline tickets!
  3. I (and my crazy pets) moved in with my boyfriend at the beginning of the year. Has it been perfect? No. Do I love it? Yas!
  4. I realized how physically, mentally, and emotionally important it is to work in something you enjoy and with people who understand your locura.
  5. As much as I love to hate it, I’ve grown accustomed to working out in the morning.
  6. I have perfected my meal prep skills with the slower cooker. Crock Pot, you my fave!
  7. I fought of my worst bout of acne with 12 weeks of antibiotics.
  8. I kicked ass a Barry’s Bootcamp and my burpee form is on point!
  9. Speaking of bouts, I lost confidence in myself. Thankfully, it was short lived.
  10. I went blonde…again!

2018 Resolutions

  1. Drink. More. Water.
  2. Quit second guessing myself.
  3. Continue to develop skills with my soprano and baritone ukuleles. Da kine
  4. Finally finish decorating the apartment.
  5. Continue to grow personally and professionally
  6. Disney 5K, 10k, half marathon, or marathon? Maybe!
  7. Change my name! Que?
  8. Be mindful and present.
  9. 日本語能力試験N2。。。頑張ります!
  10. Develop this site.
  11. Finally try hot yoga. bed
  12. Travel to new and old places. 沖縄に帰るかなー
  13. Be thankful for everyday and the smallest blessings
  14. End the f*ckery

There you have it! My goals shift throughout the year, but I’m stepping into 2018 with a huge smile and a peaceful heart.

 2018, I’m ready for you!

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